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Devil may care

Devil \Dev"il\, n. [AS. de['o]fol, de['o]ful; akin to G. ?eufel, Goth. diaba['u]lus; all fr. L. diabolus the devil, Gr. ? the devil, the slanderer, fr. ? to slander, calumniate, orig., to throw across; ? across + ? to throw, let fall, fall; cf. Skr. gal to fall. Cf. Diabolic.]

  1. The Evil One; Satan, represented as the tempter and spiritual of mankind.

    [Jesus] being forty days tempted of the devil.
    --Luke iv.

  2. That old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world.
    --Rev. xii. 9.

    2. An evil spirit; a demon.

    A dumb man possessed with a devil.
    --Matt. ix. 32.

  3. A very wicked person; hence, any great evil. ``That devil Glendower.'' ``The devil drunkenness.''

    Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?
    --John vi. 70.

  4. An expletive of surprise, vexation, or emphasis, or, ironically, of negation. [Low]

    The devil a puritan that he is, . . . but a timepleaser.

    The things, we know, are neither rich nor rare, But wonder how the devil they got there.

  5. (Cookery) A dish, as a bone with the meat, broiled and excessively peppered; a grill with Cayenne pepper.

    Men and women busy in baking, broiling, roasting oysters, and preparing devils on the gridiron.
    --Sir W. Scott.

  6. (Manuf.) A machine for tearing or cutting rags, cotton, etc. Blue devils. See under Blue. Cartesian devil. See under Cartesian. Devil bird (Zo["o]l.), one of two or more South African drongo shrikes ( Edolius retifer, and Edolius remifer), believed by the natives to be connected with sorcery. Devil may care, reckless, defiant of authority; -- used adjectively. --Longfellow. Devil's apron (Bot.), the large kelp ( Laminaria saccharina, and Laminaria longicruris) of the Atlantic ocean, having a blackish, leathery expansion, shaped somewhat like an apron. Devil's coachhorse. (Zo["o]l.)

    1. The black rove beetle ( Ocypus olens). [Eng.]

    2. A large, predacious, hemipterous insect ( Prionotus cristatus); the wheel bug. [U.S.]

      Devil's darning-needle. (Zo["o]l.) See under Darn, v. t.

      Devil's fingers, Devil's hand (Zo["o]l.), the common British starfish ( Asterias rubens); -- also applied to a sponge with stout branches. [Prov. Eng., Irish & Scot.]

      Devil's riding-horse (Zo["o]l.), the American mantis ( Mantis Carolina).

      The Devil's tattoo, a drumming with the fingers or feet. ``Jack played the Devil's tattoo on the door with his boot heels.''
      --F. Hardman (Blackw. Mag.).

      Devil worship, worship of the power of evil; -- still practiced by barbarians who believe that the good and evil forces of nature are of equal power.

      Printer's devil, the youngest apprentice in a printing office, who runs on errands, does dirty work (as washing the ink rollers and sweeping), etc. ``Without fearing the printer's devil or the sheriff's officer.''

      Tasmanian devil (Zo["o]l.), a very savage carnivorous marsupial of Tasmania ( Dasyurus ursinus syn. Diabolus ursinus).

      To play devil with, to molest extremely; to ruin. [Low]

Devil May Care (EP)

Devil May Care is an EP by the Norwegian thrash metal band Susperia.

Devil May Care (Faulks novel)

Devil May Care is a James Bond continuation novel written by Sebastian Faulks. It was published in the UK by Penguin Books on 28 May 2008, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ian Fleming, the creator of Bond. The story centres on Bond's investigation into Dr Julius Gorner, a megalomaniac chemist with a deep-seated hatred of England.

Faulks wrote the book in the style of Fleming, and the novel carried the credit "Sebastian Faulks writing as Ian Fleming"; he also took the same timeframe as Fleming, setting the novel in 1967, following the events in Fleming's last novel The Man with the Golden Gun. He ignored the influences of the other Bond continuation authors and the films, producing a characterisation of Bond in the style of Fleming's.

The novel was broadly well received by critics and went into the best-seller lists by the end of the first week of sales, selling 44,093 copies in four days to become the fastest-selling fiction book after the Harry Potter titles. Faulks stated that although he enjoyed writing the book, he would write no more Bond novels.

Devil May Care (album)

Devil May Care (also rereleased as Lullaby of the Leaves) is the debut album by American jazz vocalist Teri Thornton featuring tracks recorded in late 1960 and early 1961 for the Riverside label.

Devil May Care (Peters novel)

Devil-May-Care (spelled Devil May Care in later editions) is a novel of romantic suspense published by Elizabeth Peters in 1977. It has been re-released several times and recorded on audio CD by Grace Conlen.

It is the 6 of 9 "stand alone" books written by prolific author Barbara Mertz under the Elizabeth Peters pseudonym. (The vast majority of novels written under the Barbara Michaels pseudonym are stand alones.) According to WorldCat, the book is held in 919 libraries

Devil May Care

Devil May Care may refer to:

  • Devil-May-Care, a 1929 film musical starring Ramón Novarro
  • Devil May Care (Peters novel), a novel by Elizabeth Peters
  • Devil May Care (Faulks novel), a James Bond novel by Sebastian Faulks
  • Devil May Care (horse), an American Thoroughbred racehorse

In music:

  • The Devil May Care, an album by 67 Special
  • Devil May Care (EP), an EP by Susperia, or the title song
  • Devil May Care (Iron Steel EP), an EP by Iron Steel
  • Devil May Care (album), a 1961 album by vocalist Teri Thornton
  • Devil May Care, an album by Bob Dorough and a song composed by him as well. Jamie Cullum covered the song on Pointless Nostalgic.
  • Devil May Care, an album by Claire Martin
  • "The Devil May Care (Mom & Dad Don't)", a song by the Brian Jonestown Massacre from the 1997 album Give It Back!
Devil May Care (horse)

Devil May Care (May 7, 2007 – May 4, 2011) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse.

Out of the mare Kelli's Ransom, Devil May Care was sired by Malibu Moon, a son of the multiple Grade I winner, A.P. Indy. She was owned by Glencrest Farms and trained by Todd Pletcher

Devil May Care won the Grade I Frizette Stakes at two. At three, she found her form again when she upset the favorite in the 2010 Bonnie Miss Stakes. Devil May Care was the only filly entered in the 2010 Kentucky Derby, going off at odds of 10:1. She finished 10th behind the winner Super Saver.

The daughter of Malibu Moon returned on June 26, 2010, to win the Mother Goose Stakes in fine style, covering the 1 1/16 distance in a record time of 1:42.06. Devil May Care was euthanized on May 4, 2011 after a confirmed diagnosis of lymphosarcoma, a form of cancer.