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Deval is a surname or first name of French origin. Deval may refer to:

Usage examples of "deval".

There had been a large park called the Deval Forest, where it was always cool under the heavy canopy of trees or willow arbors, even in hot weather, and winding streams led to waterfalls and dripping grottoes.

In Ile-Rien before the war, romantic little villages were often temporarily constructed in the Palace park and the Deval Forest, as part of the winter and summer festivals.

Eventually, I nominated Deval Patrick, another brilliant African-American lawyer with a strong civil rights background, to lead the Civil Rights Division, and he did a fine job.

Rob Weisbach Books and William Morrow: Bill Wright, Patricia Alvarez, Jacqueline Deval, Michael Murphy, Lisa Queen, Sharyn Rosenblum, Elizabeth Riley, Jeanette Zwart, Richard L.

When I finally awakened, Hansen, Akeley and Deval were sitting at the ward table talking.

Three days later there was a peculiar slide at the end of Drift Six and Deval climbed out of the hole with a grim satisfaction on his face.