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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Hence the diagram represents a determiner followed by any number of adjectives followed by a noun.
▪ This network defines acceptable noun phrases as consisting of the categories determiner, optional adjective string, noun and optional prepositional phrases.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Determiner \De*ter"min*er\, n. One who, or that which, determines or decides.


n. 1 (context grammar English) A member of a class of words functioning in a noun phrase to identify or distinguish a referent without describing or modifying it. 2 (context grammar English) A dependent function in a noun phrase marking the noun phrase as definite or indefinite. This function is usually filled by words in the determinative class but may be filled by other elements such as a genitive pronoun. 3 Something that determines, or helps someone to determine, something else.

  1. n. an argument that is conclusive [syn: clincher, determining factor]

  2. one of a limited class of noun modifiers that determine the referents of noun phrases [syn: determinative]

  3. a determining or causal element or factor; "education is an important determinant of one's outlook on life" [syn: determinant, determinative, determining factor, causal factor]


A determiner (also called determinative) is a word, phrase, or affix that occurs together with a noun or noun phrase and serves to express the reference of that noun or noun phrase in the context. That is, a determiner may indicate whether the noun is referring to a definite or indefinite element of a class, to a closer or more distant element, to an element belonging to a specified person or thing, to a particular number or quantity, etc. Common kinds of determiners include definite and indefinite articles (like the English the and a or an), demonstratives (this and that), possessive determiners (my and their), quantifiers (many, few and several), numerals, distributive determiners (each, any), and interrogative determiners (which).

For examples of determiners and their use, see the box on the right. For further details of their use in English, see English determiners and English articles.

Usage examples of "determiner".

And although a polygraph was not an entirely dependable determiner of truth, the technology was not so unreliable that Loman Watkins, his officers, the coroner, and the coroner's assistant could all pass the examination without a single indication of deception if in fact they were guilty.

So you’ve got the developmental determiners there to make the new stem cells differentiate properly.

So you've got the developmental determiners there to make the new stem cells differentiate properly.

But the planet was too steeped in religious thought for that to work, and the Tellers, the Determiners of Truth, insisted on referring to anyone in the Resistance as 'minions of Satan.

He was one of those few men against whom I conceive an instinctive prejudice, and in this case I felt positive that, whatever faults the Atherton germ plasm might contain, he had combined others from the determiners of that of the other ancestors he boasted.