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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
detect the presence of sth/sb
▪ They invented a device for detecting the presence of submarines.
see/detect signs of sth
▪ I could see some signs of improvement in her health.
▪ Free riders may be ostracized because their colleagues can easily detect uncooperative attitudes to the company.
▪ But - the third condition - prey families must not be too easily detected by predators.
▪ Bees have a phenomenal ability to detect smells.
▪ At the same time, our ability to detect, contain, and prevent emerging infectious diseases is in jeopardy.
▪ In this way, infants' ability to detect rhythm, grouping, melodies, and other changes over time are explored.
▪ The ability of these to detect unusual strains is untested, Irvin said.
▪ But their ability to detect the feelings of others was close to infallible.
▪ Smoke detectors installed in hotel corridors have an alarming ability not to detect smoke.
▪ If the software detects unusual activity on an account, it will send a text message to the mobile phone.
▪ It is these antibodies which will be detected in standard antibody tests.
▪ The Pyloriset detects IgG antibodies by agglutination, using Latex particles coated with acid extracted antigen of H pylori.
▪ Rabbit anti-human immunoglobulin conjugated with alkaline phosphatase was used to detect the bound antibody.
▪ Between 1982 and 1992 the cost of treating a detected cancer quadrupled.
▪ Thompson said the Pap smear only detects cervical cancer; it does not detect ovarian cancer or endometrial cancer.
▪ Colonoscopic surveillance in colitis should reduce cancer related death compared with routine clinical care, by detecting early curable cancer.
▪ There is not yet a single simple method of detecting cancer, yet this would be invaluable.
▪ Pap smears and pelvic examinations every three years for women to detect cervical cancer.
▪ On the first issue, teachers are obviously in a crucial position to detect cases of abuse of children in their care.
▪ Barium studies seem to be insensitive to microscopic involvement and may detect only more severe cases.
▪ Until the results of long term follow up are available the ability of our creatine kinase assay to detect Becker cases remains uncertain.
▪ Gel mobility anomaly is detected only in cases where the distance of the two elements is in an appropriate helical phase.
▪ Acetylation takes place so rapidly the completely that no unchanged 5-ASA can be detected inside the cell.
▪ Smear tests detect precancerous cells and hence are essential to pinpoint the women who are at risk from developing the disease.
▪ No unchanged 5-ASA was detected inside the cell.
▪ The evidence indicates that the polar regions are among the first to detect changes arising from greenhouse warming.
▪ The manipulated atoms also could be used to detect extremely slight changes in motion.
▪ Looking at him, I couldn't detect much change.
▪ Not by one word or look can we detect any change in the demeanor of these Negro servants.
▪ When this meets some other object, the fish by means of its lateral line can detect the change.
▪ I could detect every shift and change in the bad weather and sea state.
▪ Experts on noble lineage detect a change in the thirty six year old heir.
▪ They quickly detect changes in the visual image and tend to exaggerate them.
▪ Reaching these wells will involve linking the drill to sophisticated sensing devices which can detect oil-bearing formations.
▪ Samaranch did not elaborate, but he may have been referring to a more high-powered device to detect illegal substances.
▪ Thus the combination of positive feed-back with the rule defined above has the making of a device for detecting unusual combinations.
▪ The other class of devices are designed to detect the relative movement of freely suspended massive blocks.
▪ Limited specifications in automatic exposure and focusing will disappoint photography buffs, though few would detect tangible differences in the average snapshot.
▪ Just like your language instructor, they can detect the slight differences between certain speech sounds that adults will insist are identical.
▪ This lateral line system enables the fish to detect differences of pressure in the water.
▪ Rex was taking the water temperature three times a day, but it did not need his thermometer to detect the difference.
▪ Many previous studies have sought risk factors retrospectively in the context of trials designed primarily to detect a difference between antiulcer treatments.
▪ Such a person would end up with a few very large schemata and would be unable to detect differences in things.
▪ A partner may not detect the difference and the woman herself may be confused.
▪ He never detected any difference in speed, no matter how far apart the hills he and his assistants climbed.
▪ However, it is difficult to detect early Wilson's disease, since caeruloplasmin activity is low in the newborn period.
▪ A lab report detects a kidney disease.
▪ Detailed pathological studies to detect subclinical renal disease have not been undertaken.
▪ Timely recognition of emerging infections requires early warning systems to detect new infectious diseases before they become public health crises.
▪ Therefore, the task of zero-defect design is to detect errors early and rectify them early.
▪ Example 1 above should be detected as an error by analysis of the grammatical categories of the words.
▪ Members can detect each other's errors.
▪ If only a single character is suggested then word knowledge is used to detect and correct errors in the hypothesis.
▪ Additional bits may mark the beginning and end of a message, or help to detect and correct transmission errors.
▪ Crystals embedded in the back of the chair detect the radioactivity level in the children's bodies.
▪ Both occur naturally in the body, so detecting super-high levels in the system is difficult.
▪ These tensions can be detected at various levels.
▪ Based on the structure of the organ, we think that it is well adapted for detecting very low levels of light.
▪ Included in protection are methods for detecting likely hazard events and in warning those likely to be affected.
▪ Expand the use of Sentinel Surveillance Networks to complement other surveillance methods for detecting and monitoring emerging infections.
▪ He said that the method can detect toluene in glue sniffers' blood.
▪ There is not yet a single simple method of detecting cancer, yet this would be invaluable.
▪ Topological feature based methods detect and code straight lines and the orientation of strokes.
▪ Glancing back through what I have written so far, I detect more than a note of cynicism.
▪ As the waves lap in think I detect a note of weariness in the endlessly repeated motion.
▪ The act of remembering and the act of perceiving both detect a pattern in a very large choice of possible patterns.
▪ All the changes and symptoms that arise are noted and studied to detect patterns and trends that are characteristic and commonly occur.
▪ It could potentially improve care, assist in medical research and help in detecting patterns of insurance fraud.
▪ These can modify their operation to detect temporal and spatial patterns of inputs.
▪ A biopsy of brain tissue detected the presence of toxoplasmosis, which is relatively harmless in people with normally functioning immune systems.
▪ The new system can detect the presence of dangerous but invisible microorganisms like salmonella and e. coil bacteria.
▪ All fish can detect the presence of objects near them even if they can not see them.
▪ Other chips may detect the presence of moulds or harmful bacteria.
▪ Products of the chain reaction were fractionated by size in agarose gels to detect the presence of insertions or deletions.
▪ Nevertheless, there are various ways by which scientists can detect their presence.
▪ Yet I can still detect the presence of a large lorry or bus out of the extreme corner of my eye.
▪ They detect the presence of carrion by sight.
▪ Figure 2b illustrates that the exon-enriched probe detects conserved sequences in different species.
▪ Scientists hope the coming generation of Mars probes will detect former hot springs.
▪ Normally the antisense probe is used to detect mRNA whereas the sense probe serves as a negative control.
▪ This probe also detects additional fragments not homologous to the human probe.
▪ Complexes and unbound probe were detected by autoradiography of dried gels.
▪ Our central sensors would detect any ship coming in from five thousand li out.
▪ He said the ground is planted with sensors that detect footsteps.
▪ A sensor in the appliance detects motion or touch, and starts the timer as soon as the appliance is put down.
▪ The vibration sensor is used to detect movement of the vehicle.
▪ Sensa has also developed pressure and acoustic sensors to detect the water and gas content of oil wells.
▪ But if so, we might have expected to he contacted by them, or at least to detect their radio signals.
▪ However, some market watchers detected some signals of strength in the underlying data.
▪ This detects signals from radars on the ground that may be aiming missiles or guns at the approaching aircraft.
▪ No rebleeding occurred and Doppler control detected no further arterial signals from the ulceration.
▪ Ultrasonics technology is used in certain burglar alarm systems which trigger on detecting the sound of breaking glass.
▪ This year, the United States upgraded its disease surveillance system to detect any early outbreak of infection.
▪ This made our system very difficult to detect.
▪ The current system for detecting infectious prion particles is not very sensitive.
▪ The new system can detect the presence of dangerous but invisible microorganisms like salmonella and e. coil bacteria.
▪ Duty and intake systems to detect incipient problems early and to provide a rapid response. 3.
▪ The cardiovascular tests conventionally used for detecting sympathetic autonomic neuropathy may not be adequate to detect a mild, otherwise asymptomatic neuropathy.
▪ Lab tests failed to detect blood on Hicks' clothing and no weapon was found.
▪ The acetylcholine sweat spot test is an easy, inexpensive, time saving test for detecting autonomic neuropathy.
▪ Two other canisters bearing labels for radioactive material were also found, but preliminary tests failed to detect any radioactivity.
▪ Smear tests detect precancerous cells and hence are essential to pinpoint the women who are at risk from developing the disease.
▪ Although Belinda was 37, she decided against amniocentesis or any other test to detect chromosomal abnormalities.
▪ The aim of the test is to detect conditions that could develop into cancer.
▪ The keyboard circuits are designed to detect the order of key presses rather than the duration of each key press.
▪ These are designed to detect abilities for leadership and working as team members.
▪ The other class of devices are designed to detect the relative movement of freely suspended massive blocks.
▪ But the survey has failed to detect any improvement in confidence and the institute is blaming political uncertainties.
▪ Lab tests failed to detect blood on Hicks' clothing and no weapon was found.
▪ She was so caught up in her own feelings that she failed to detect the danger in the question.
▪ Two other canisters bearing labels for radioactive material were also found, but preliminary tests failed to detect any radioactivity.
▪ The group fails to detect the skills and experiences of different members.
▪ Mr Ro earned the boot for failing to detect the public's sensitivities on this point.
▪ Machines can sometimes misread or fail to detect the way ballots are cast.
▪ Some studies they suggest may have failed to detect an effect of parity because they did not concentrate on this risk period.
▪ It is being increasingly used to detect weakly magnetized features such as postholes, and more deeply buried sites.
▪ She made an appointment for a colposcopy, an inspection of the cervix using magnifying instruments that detects small lesions.
▪ This f is used only to detect when the algorithm has reached a summit or plateau.
▪ Another sensor, a sonar-like apparatus, uses echolocation to detect both distant pressure disturbances and changes of flow patterns nearby.
▪ Normally the antisense probe is used to detect mRNA whereas the sense probe serves as a negative control.
▪ Radon has been used to detect uranium mineralisation and also to locate faults which may control mineral deposition.
▪ Do I detect a note of sarcasm in your voice?
▪ Marlowe detected a faint smell of perfume as he entered the room.
▪ She wasn't moving or responding, but he detected a slow heartbeat.
▪ The system is so sensitive that it can detect changes in temperature as small as 0.003 degrees.
▪ Though the yellow tomatoes are pretty, I couldn't detect much difference in flavor.
▪ Constance detected a change in the atmosphere as Giancarlo excused himself and walked down the steps to greet his last guest.
▪ Frequent measurements of visual fields and acuity are obtained to detect optic nerve damage.
▪ Not all such turncoats are detected.
▪ Of Hearst the man, Nasaw's careful portrait suggests greater vulnerability and sensitivity than most others have detected.
▪ The effect is always there, but you'd never detect it.
▪ The motion is detected by the gauge and translated into a pressure.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Detect \De*tect"\ (d[-e]*t[e^]kt"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Detected; p. pr. & vb. n. Detecting.]

  1. To uncover; to discover; to find out; to bring to light; as, to detect a crime or a criminal; to detect a mistake in an account.

    Plain good intention . . . is as easily discovered at the first view, as fraud is surely detected at last.

    Like following life through creatures you dissect, You lose it in the moment you detect.

  2. To inform against; to accuse. [Obs.]

    He was untruly judged to have preached such articles as he was detected of.
    --Sir T. More.

    Syn: To discover; find out; lay bare; expose.


Detect \De*tect"\ (d[-e]*t[e^]kt"), a. [L. detectus, p. p. of detegere to uncover, detect; de + tegere to cover. See Tegument.] Detected. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., from Latin detectus, past participle of detegere "uncover, expose," figuratively "discover, reveal, disclose," from de- "un-, off" (see de-) + tegere "to cover" (see stegosaurus). Related: Detected; detecting.

  1. (context obsolete English) Detected. v

  2. to discover or find by careful search, examination, or probe


v. discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of; "She detected high levels of lead in her drinking water"; "We found traces of lead in the paint" [syn: observe, find, discover, notice]

Usage examples of "detect".

Hotel, and has been attended by the most happy results, yet the cases have presented so great a diversity of abnormal features, and have required so many variations in the course of treatment, to be met successfully, that we frankly acknowledge our inability to so instruct the unprofessional reader as to enable him to detect the various systemic faults common to this ever-varying disease, and adjust remedies to them, so as to make the treatment uniformly successful.

It was the abortifacient, she was sure, that was what she was using to detect Sime fetuses.

Zinc is detected by dissolving the substance in hydrochloric or nitric acid, boiling, and adding sodic hydrate in excess, filtering, and adding ammonic sulphide to the filtrate.

It is best detected in acid solutions by the deep brown or iodine colour developed on adding hydroxyl.

His keen eyes detected slight aerosol droplets, revealed in a shaft of sunlight viewed against shade.

Its surface reflectance albedo has been changed enough so that in the past year these changes can now be detected via small commercial telescopes.

Schiff asserts that casein in this state is not attacked by gastric juice, he might easily have overlooked a minute quantity of some albuminous matter, which Drosera would detect and absorb.

From half an hour after training, to as long as twenty-four hours afterwards, it was possible to detect an increase in protein synthesis in the brain regions containing IMHV - a result which of course squared with the known amnestic effects of the inhibitors of protein synthesis.

Her napkin fell down, and in returning it to her I pressed her thigh amorously, and could not detect the slightest displeasure on her features.

The re-crystallised and pure salt is used for preparing the anhydrous sulphate, which is used for detecting moisture in gases.

She could not detect a ground for such suspicion in the Ashake memories she could tap.

A pencil, drawn over the sole of the foot, occasioned a visible shrinking movement, and, on looking once more at the eyes, I detected a slight change that told me that the atropine was beginning to take effect.

Gold seemed to interest Cranston, and in his gaze Selwood detected approval of the exhibits from the Aureole Mine.

Apparently the god could neither hear nor see them, nor detect urine or draught from the blue nipples -- or for tactical reasons was behaving as if he could not.

In my interview, calling my attachment and tender feelings to my aid, I succeeded in behaving myself in such wise that she could not possibly detect the change which a new love had worked in my heart.