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detached houses

n. (detached house English)

Usage examples of "detached houses".

Those two were busy routes in and out of the city, but Mayfield Terrace was a quiet oasis, with vast detached and semi-detached houses, most on three and four floors.

Farther up, on the other side of the road, was a run of lawyers' offices, credit unions, insurance brokers, in wonderful 1930s brick detached houses.

Amanda was sitting in the rear of the big car, hands folded across her lap, a sullen expression on her face as she watched the detached houses of Station Road whizz past.

About a dozen semi-detached houses faced one another impassively across concrete driveways and rusted iron gates.

No, it defied all explanation, so I sat fretting in the cab- with the big man at my side and his two mates opposite, for what must have been a good half-hour, and then the cab stopped and we descended on what looked like a suburban street, with big detached houses in gloomy gardens either side, and underfoot nothing but Washington macadam: two feet of gumbo.

She ran through the side streets, beneath white fluorescent teats which dangled beneath lampshades, past detached houses encrusted with pebble-dash and whitewash.

It is in a district of semi-detached houses from the town's late Victorian heyday, split into flats popular with single people and young couples.

A lot of the huge detached houses, one-time merchants' houses with walled grounds and high wooden or metal gates, had been bought by the Church of Scotland or other religious denominations.

The minicab drives slowly down a narrow street of pebble-dash semi-detached houses.