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detached house

n. A free-standing, single-family dwelling unit, that does not share a common wall with any other structure.

detached house

n. a house that stands alone [syn: single dwelling]

Usage examples of "detached house".

He was one of the top fences in London, a specialist in diamonds, and owned a large detached house in Golders Green, where he was a pillar of his community.

He read that Rennie lived in a small, detached house in Dunmurry, down a cul-de-sac.

He was twenty-seven years old, drove a Porsche 911, and lived in a detached house on the riverside just outside Haddington.

A pre-war detached house, standing a little back from the road and elevated above its level, partially screened by a stone wall and a dark hedge.

Situated at the end of a short narrow street, the huge detached house had a jagged feel to it.

It was early morning when Sabat rang the doorbell of Miranda's small, semi-detached house.