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DET or Det may refer to:

  • Detroit (Amtrak station); Amtrak station code DET
  • Detroit
    • Detroit Tigers
    • Detroit Red Wings
    • Detroit Pistons
    • Detroit Lions
  • Coleman A. Young International Airport, formerly Detroit City Airport, IATA Code DET
  • Diethyltryptamine, a psychedelic drug
  • Detection error tradeoff
  • It (Christensen book), a book of poetry by Inger Christensen, with the original title Det
  • The mathematical determinant
  • Department of Education and Communities (New South Wales), formerly the Department of Education and Training (DET)
  • 14 Intelligence Company, an alleged covert intelligence unit of the British Army in Northern Ireland, known as "The Det"
  • Detective (abbreviation)
  • Department of Education and Training Australia

Usage examples of "det".

At the end of the wire of the clacker there was a detonator, which was clipped on to the det cord.

Dominus et custodiat te, ostendat faciem suam tibi et misereatur tui convertat vultum suum ad te et det tibi pacem.

Then there was shouting and, fifty-kilo pack or not, he executed the fastest bugout of his career, Deece in one hand and the remote det control in the other.

Gerth, derived from the miracle worker, Gerthalk, was a praenomen syllable often chosen by deeply religious females, just as Det, from Detoon the Righteous, was a frequent choice among males, especially those who had entered the priesthood.

One of the management assistants from the Major Crimes Team had raised Faraday on his mobile, telling him that the Det Supt would be parked in Grand Parade for a brief get-together at 3.

Det blokes in each boat, both in full uniform, bergens on, carrying G3s, all cammed up and ready to go for it.

To make sure that happened, I tightly taped together, over a distance of about six inches, the two different lengths of det cord so that, from the binding to the charge, they were both of equal length.

They fired the electric current into the det, which detonated some det cord and blew up the plastic explosive.

Selection forInt, known to us as the Det, emphasized the need for resourcefulness and psychological strength.

Eno and I were sent to the same Det, which was working around Derry city and surrounding county.

Such incidents made me glad that I had been sent to the Det. They made me understand how professional they were and not just Walter Midis.

Suivi Space Force Detachment, this is Suivi SF Det. Report local news of interest.

Space Force Suivi Det, this is SF Suivi Det. Send me engineering plans showing location of Suivi InfoTain Six studios and all spaces owned by Last Exits, Limited.

Space Force Suivi Det, this is SF Suivi Det. Neutralize local defense forces.

Space Force Suivi Det, this is Space Force Suivi Det. Unless countermanded by me personally, attack Suivi Point commencing at eleven-time local.