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n. (obsolete spelling of desire English)

Usage examples of "desyre".

And him beside marcht amorous Desyre,Who seemd of riper yeares, then th'other Swaine,Yet was that other swayne this elders syre,And gaue him being, commune to them twaine:His garment was disguised very vaine,And his embrodered Bonet sat awry.

Let none then blame me, if in disciplineOf vertue and of ciuill vses lore,I doe not forme them to the common lineOf present dayes, which are corrupted sore,But to the antique vse, which was of yore,When good was onely for it selfe desyred,And all men sought their owne, and none no more.

But Burbon streight dismounting from his steed,Vnto her ran with greedie great desyre,And catching her fast by her ragged weed,Would haue embraced her with hart entyre.