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n. (obsolete spelling of despite English) prep. (obsolete spelling of despite English)

Usage examples of "despight".

And now faire Phoebus gan decline in hastHis weary wagon to the Westerne vale,Whenas they spide a goodly castle, plastForeby a riuer in a pleasaunt dale,Which choosing for that euenings hospitale,They thither marcht: but when they came in sight,And from their sweaty Coursers did auale,They found the gates fast barred long ere night,And euery loup fast lockt, as fearing foes despight.

Mongst many which maligne her happy state,There is a mighty man, which wonnes here byThat with most fell despight and deadly hate,Seekes to subuert her Crowne and dignity,And all his powre doth thereunto apply:And her good Knights, of which so braue a bandSerues her, as any Princesse vnder sky,He either spoiles, if they against him stand,Or to his part allures, and bribeth vnder hand.

With that so furiously at him he flew,As if he would haue ouerrun him streight,And with his huge great yron axe gan hewSo hideously vppon his armour bright,As he to peeces would haue chopt it quight:That the bold Prince was forced foote to giueTo his first rage, and yeeld to his despight.