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Usage examples of "desperandum".

If it tells us that we are where I think we are, I shall reduce sail and draw in gently until dawn, when I hope Nil Desperandum will be in sight, away to leeward.

By the time they had threaded the channel from Nil Desperandum to the open sea and had settled down to the long chase that would lead them to the Salibabu Passage it was clear that the Frenchman had no intention of catching his quarry, no intention of overtaking the Nutmeg and closing with her.

However, nil desperandum, so forth, try a few more knee-bends, rough on the left thigh but we need to keep the adrenalin down.

In England, Arnold revived his family coat of arms with its lion crest, but in place of the old motto, My Glory is on high, he chose (from an ode of Horace), Nil desperandum (Never despair).

So I hiked up the collar of my trenchcoat, hiked down the snappy brim of my snap-brimmed fedora and hiked off into the shadows nil desperandum, per vas nefandum, as the French say.