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n. A cross placed at the site of a violent, unexpected death, in memoriam.


Descanso may refer to:

  • Descanso (roadside memorial)
  • Descanso (spider), a genus of jumping spider
  • Descanso, California, an unincorporated community in the United States
  • Descanso, Santa Catarina, a town and municipality in Brasil
  • Descanso Gardens, a botanical garden in La Cañada Flintridge, California
Descanso (spider)

Descanso is a genus of jumping spiders.

Usage examples of "descanso".

But I have my family back in El Descanso, and the men who come here are powerful men.

I am a strong fisherman from El Descanso when there are boats that will hire me.

As you know, if you looked at the paper, there was a fire at the Descanso Hotel last week, and they've got about six charred bodies to identify, too, so--" "I'm sure Harold'll call me when the cremation takes place.

Evans is supposed to get a parttime pathologist in tonight to help out with the Descanso Hotel victims.

We had to let the bastard go, and he was the only suspect we had on the torchings and the Descanso Hotel fire.

La muerte de un amigo como ése es más bien un descanso, a no ser que usted lo precise para ablandarlo a golpes.

Desde la orilla opuesta, los guerreros de Khossuth disparaban sin descanso hacia las torres de Yugga, pero sin obtener grandes resultados, y los yagas estaban bien protegidos, y sus flechas, al ser disparadas desde tan gran altura, tenían más alcance y precisión que las carabinas de los guras.