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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dermal \Derm"al\, a. [From Derm.]

  1. Pertaining to the integument or skin of animals; dermic; as, the dermal secretions.

  2. (Anat.) Pertaining to the dermis or true skin. ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1803; see derm + -al (1). A native formation, the Greek adjective would be dermatikos, yielding *dermatic.


a. (context anatomy English) Of or pertaining to skin or integument.

  1. adj. of or relating to a cuticle or cuticula [syn: cuticular, epidermal, epidermic]

  2. of or relating to or located in the dermis [syn: dermic]


Usage examples of "dermal".

There are various dermal affections which sometimes follow the exhibition of mercury and assume an erythematous type.

Both she and Repasi knew that heat applied to skin caused contraction of dermal capillaries, and this forced blood to the periphery of the blister, simulating an antemortem hyperemic inflammatory response.

Only the biomass, in its soft, shapeless dermal, looked as though it might have been made by contemporary technology.

Some of them were integral with patches of artificial skin that were busy melding with his spoiled dermal layers, infusing regeneration virals into the plexus of capil laries.

He permitted himself a moment to run his hand down the steel-smooth skin of the back, then backward against the grain of the dermal denticles, which felt like rubbing sandpaper.

Susy stirred suddenly, rasping Jim's side with the dermal denticles, which, like small teeth rather than scales, studded her skin.

Our brief inspection proved them harmless detritivores, grazing on the giant's dermal oils and scaly debris.

Once they made contact, transmissions were picked up by the auditory canals and the dermal sensors transmitted the electronic signals directly through the cranial casing.

The tranq bullets wouldn't have slowed the thing down fast enough, even if the needles managed to penetrate the dermal bone.

Psychocreative torch of the frustrated monstermind playing over vulnerable body surface, burning away all dermal elements to a depth of four millimetres, destroying hands and feet and external genitalia utterly.

Ham said, You've all heard of the paraffin test, the dermal nitrate test, it's called, where paraffin is applied to the hand to collect residues from discharged firearms, then applying a reagent to show whether there are nitrate or burned powder stains present.

His burns had not been as severe as Prynn’s, nor had they required grafts, but the dermal regenerations would take another day or two to complete.

His burns had not been as severe as Prynns, nor had they required grafts, but the dermal regenerations would take another day or two to complete.

The severe reddening and swelling indicates sub dermal nerve damage that requires regeneration eight times every solar cycle.