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vb. (en-third-person singular of: depart)

Usage examples of "departs".

We can likely compensate for it in a new recruit if she departs from the midst of a serious group of people instead of alone with a single woman behaving strangely.

At least some screening should occur before a passenger departs on a flight destined for the United States.

I prefer to believe that the pink operates by correcting that which departs from the normal condition.

I am sure that before Handsel departs here I shall be able to answer that question.

What matters is the condition in which an Errin departs from that particular tank.

The fact that a patent as flimsy and as spurious as this one has to be brought all the way to this Court to be declared invalid dramatically illustrates how far our patent system frequently departs from the constitutional standards which are supposed to govern.

If he departs, who will make the offerings to the spirits of the dead?

Natalie departs for the mica factory in the morning, unaware of the waiting train.