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alt. 1 deposit 2 department 3 depart or departs 4 departure 5 deposed 6 deputy 7 (context Canada Quebec English) dépanneur n. 1 deposit 2 department 3 depart or departs 4 departure 5 deposed 6 deputy 7 (context Canada Quebec English) dépanneur


DEP may refer to:

  • Data Execution Prevention, a security feature in computer operating systems
  • Delayed Entry Program
  • Democracy Party (Turkey), pro-Kurdish political party in Turkey
  • Dielectrophoresis, the force exerted on a dielectric particle subjected to a non-uniform electric field
  • Diethyl phthalate
  • Dillinger Escape Plan, a heavy metal band
  • DEP International, a defunct British record label founded by the band UB40
  • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, a state agency

Dep can mean:

  • Dep, Iran
  • Dep River, a river in Russia
  • Town in Ancient Egypt merged with Pe to form Per-Wadjet, later Buto
  • Dépanneur, a convenience store (Quebec English)

Usage examples of "dep".

Like I told you on the phone, I would have agreed to move the dep back if you wanted to.

Vic Todd - Victor Blane Bob Dorry - Johnny Brokaw Cary Cummings - Director Danny Depper - agent.

Instead, he did all the things that Robbie despised-office management, the brief-writing, the interrogatories, routine deps, and, especially, the endless comforting demanded by their clients, who usually felt intensely victimized.

This gentil kyng hath caught a greet motyf Of this witnesse, and thoghte he wolde enquere Depper in this, a trouthe for to lere.

For though I hadde hem in myne handes two, The savour myghte in me no depper go, The sweete smel that in myn herte I fynde Hath chaunged me al in another kynde.

That seemed to be more or less all, though near the bottom of the page, in their own individual doodled boxes, were four sets of letters and numbers, which were DEP PET, 1855, K’sC, and 1950.

The entry following the departure of the suspect Horigawa Hauler was: dpt sveldrov trav gregor forgotten.

The fuel, stabilized hydrogen in a powdery conglomerate with a catalyte, burned clean of course, leaving no trace pollution for the DEP.

She'd schedule deps, issue subpoenas and interrogatories, handle court filings, even meet with clients to gather info and hold hands.