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n. (plural of dent English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: dent)


Dents is a British company that crafts luxury leather gloves, handbags, small leather goods, and cashmere socks, and has factories in Warminster, Worcester and London. Dents is known for its hand cutting, sewing, and stitching techniques, which are still practiced today.

Usage examples of "dents".

Caroline was talking very loudly about how the Sidwells had long been friends with the Dents, and James was agreeing profusely with everything she said.

The fenders were pitted with dents and scrapes, one headlight was cracked, and the muffler appeared to be loose.

It was trying to knock the dents out of its breastplate with a small hammer.

The Dweller was looking at the various dents and scars that the little gascraft had picked up during its last few months of use.

You cannot have thoughts floating round a room waiting, as it were, for someone to catch them, any more than you can have dents floating around waiting to latch onto a surface to be dented.

It is all very well comparing pains to dents, and it is certainly true that when I am aware of a dent this is only because I am aware of a dented surface.