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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Dente is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Marco Dente (1493–1527), Italian Renaissance engraver
  • Piero Dente (1901–?), Italian soldier and military patrol runner
  • Sam Dente (1922–2002), American baseball player

Usage examples of "dente".

After ten minutes of vigorous cooking the fire was damped, and the simmering continued for another ten minutes until the rice was just al dente.

Undercooked kidney beans in those popular al dente mixed-bean salads contain hemagglutinins, which make your red blood cells stick together and account for poor growth among children in parts of Africa.

Neve aurum addito ast quoi aura dentes vincti erunt im cum illo sepelire & urere, se fraude esto.

He turned back to the stove, picking up the pot and dumping the al dente pasta into the colander.

But his feet had headaches and the blood was coagulating in them and swelling them and turning the veins to al dente spaghetti.

Hot Italian sausage with spaghetti al dente was a similar precaution.

Spicy, al dente oil-grilled vegetables, coconut milk-sweetened breads, papaya crΦ.

The hood hadfolded, the right front tire had exploded, the grille had disintegrated, theradiator had burst, and the frame had bent like al dente spaghetti.

Lunch had been quick-fried prawns with crunchy broccoli, then fish rubbed with garlic and pan-fried, served with mixed Chinese greens, again al dente.