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dentate gyrus

n. (context anatomy English) A serrated section of the cerebral cortex, belonging to the hippocampus.

Dentate gyrus

The dentate gyrus is part of the hippocampus and/or hippocampal formation, as some texts include the latter structure in the former or vice versa. The dentate gyrus is thought to contribute to the formation of new episodic memories, the spontaneous exploration of novel environments, and other functions. It is notable as being one of a select few brain structures currently known to have high rates of neurogenesis in adult rats (other sites include the olfactory bulb and cerebellum).

Granule cells within the molecular layer of the dentate gyrus receive the hippocampal formation's major excitatory input from the cortex. This input is primarily made up of signals from layer II of the entorhinal cortex and is the first connection of the trisynaptic loop, the hippocampal circuit.

Usage examples of "dentate gyrus".

The hippocampus, for instance, was critically important, especially the dentate gyrus region and the perforant pathway nerves that led to it.