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Denne is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Henry Denne, English clergyman and controversialist
  • Vincent Denne, English politician, MP for Canterbury
  • Wayne Denne, field hockey player

Usage examples of "denne".

Being the coroner, Retsler believed, was Denne's secret rebellion against that elegant woman whose bank account had bought Denne all the good things in life.

He and Denne had come on at the same time and had to clean up similar messes.

The bodies had been bothering Denne too, only he had some idea where they had come from.

Definitely not a suicide, the coroner, Hamilton Denne, had said as he knelt gingerly beside the body, getting his expensive gray slacks covered with sand.

He wasn't certain why that was important, but he would wager Denne had an idea.

But he parked in the lot reserved for guests and went inside the seventy-year-old structure, knowing he would find Denne in its dining room, surrounded by Whale Rock's elite, and staring down at the ocean.

Men hun valgte selv dødeligheden, at kunne dø bort fra denne verden for at kunne følge ham.

Sangen om dem beretter, at de mødtes igen hinsides havet, der skilte dem, de fik lov at vågne til liv igen og gik ind i de grønne skove, og sammen har de for længe siden overskredet denne verden's grænser.

Before the denne where was no hill stood an high tower, and at the foot thereof were sheep-coats fenced and walled with clay.

You dwell not in Caves or Dennes: you are no people barbarous, that you should delight in effusion of humane blood.

A Dialogue between two Infants in the womb concerning the state of this world, might handsomely illustrate our ignorance of the next, whereof methinks we yet discourse in Platoes denne, and are but Embryon Philosophers.

Også Bruun og Christie tar opp spørsmålet om denne overgangshypotesen.