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n. (plural of dene English)


Dénes is a Hungarian male given name, the equivalent of Denis in English and can sometimes stand for or replace the feminine version of Den(n)is, namely Denise. As with many given names, it also transitioned into a surname in the Middle Ages. Notable people with the name include:

  • Dénes Kőnig (1884-1944), Jewish Hungarian mathematician
  • Dénes Lukács (colonel) (1816-1868), Hungarian artillery commander in 1848 Revolution
  • Dénes Rósa (b. 1977) Hungarian footballer
  • Dénes Pázmándy (1781–1854) (1781–1854), Hungarian landowner and politician
  • Dénes Kemény (b. 1954), Hungarian water polo player
  • Dénes Berinkey (1871-1944), a Hungarian prime minister
  • Dénes Gulyás (b. 1954), Hungarian tenor
  • Dénes Mihály (1894-1953), Hungarian inventor
  • Dénes Kiss (b. 1936), Hungarian poet
  • Dénes Pataky (1916-1986), Hungarian figure skater
  • Dénes Szakály (b. 1988), Hungarian football player
  • Dénes Györgyi (1886-1961), Hungarian architect
  • Dénes Dibusz (b. 1990), Hungarian football player
  • Dénes Andrássy (1835-1913), Hungarian nobleman
  • Dénes Birkás (1907–1996 ), Hungarian field hockey player 1936 Olympics

Usage examples of "denes".

American tastes from the Denes and sent them in to Gethryn beautifully brown and crisp.