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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ CBS has been trying to attract the 18-to-49 demographic with its hipper new shows.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

demographic \demographic\ adj. of or pertaining to demography; as, demographic surveys.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1891, from demography + -ic. As a noun, by 1998, short for demographic group or category. Related: Demographical; demographically.


a. Of or pertaining to demography. n. 1 (rfquote-sense: en) A demographic criterion: a characteristic used to classify people for statistics purposes, such as age, race, or gender. 2 A demographic group: a collection of people sharing a value for a certain demographic criterion. 3 (rfquote-sense: en) An individual person's characteristic, encoded for the purposes of statistical analysis.

  1. adj. of or relating to demography; "demographic surveys"

  2. n. a statistic characterizing human populations (or segments of human populations broken down by age or sex or income etc.)


Usage examples of "demographic".

The flow of Iranians into Iraq, which began during the rein of the Achaemenids, initiated an important demographic trend that would continue intermittently throughout much of Iraqi history.

Egg donors make several thousand dollars, even more, in some cases, if they fit a desirable demographic profile.

Major depression in a nonclinical sample: Demographic and clinical risk factors for first onset.

Slowly the Muskies came to understand that this demographic upset had been brought about by creatures living on the Earth's surface—the ones whose emotional broadcasts had been entertaining them for so long.

I told you I wanted to be called on cocaine overdoses that fall within certain demographic parameters.

When populations dropped far enough, the World Emperor might consider changing the birthright to one child per person, which would be close to a demographic steady state.

Praxis Hong Kong sent the information along to Praxis's demographic study group in Costa Rica.

A higher percentage of the Washington press corps voted for Clinton in 1992 than did this demographic category: “Registered Democrats.