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Demet may refer to:

  • Demet Akalın (born 1972), Turkish pop folk singer, former model
  • Demet Akbağ (born 1959), Turkish theatre and film actress
  • Demet Evgar (born 1980), Turkish actress
  • Demet Kılınç (born 1998), Turkish women's footballer
  • Demet Müftüoğlu (born 1974), Turkish artist
  • Demet Şener (born 1977), Turkish actress and former model
  • Demet (magazine), Ottoman-Turkish magazine
Demet (magazine)

The Ottoman women's magazineDemet ("floral bouquet") was founded in 1908 in Istanbul, two weeks after the proclamation of the Second Constitutional Era. Altogether, seven issues exist, they were published once a week. Editor-in-chief and publisher was Celāl Sāhir (1883–1935). Even though the magazine was aimed at women, the editorial team of the first two issues was made up exclusively of men, such as Mehmet Akif Ersoy (1873–1936), Selim Sırrı (Tarcan) (1874–1957), and Enis Avni (1886-1958). Among the female writers were later Halide Salih Hanımlar (Halide Edip, 1884–1964), Nigar Bint-i Osman (1862–1918), and İsmet Hakkı Hanım. In addition to literary and scientific articles, what interested the female readers most were political publications. Besides Kadınlar Dünyası (1913–1921), Maḥāsin (1908–1910), and Kadın (1908–1910), is considered one of the first and most important women's magazines in the Second Constitutional Era.