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n. (plural of delving English)

Usage examples of "delvings".

Like the seasons and the landscapes of Thorin, like the comfortable delvings within the mountain's heart, the drumcall was part of his life and had always been so.

Select stone removed from the delvings had gone to construct the twenty-story west wall overlooking the terraces — the only exterior wall in the entire city.

Here, in the Daewar's delvings, the ore carts had been able to pass, laden carts rumbling outward, empties heading back into the mountain.

Three separate levels of delvings were under way, and more were plairined.

They were carrying water from the lake to the delvings, where it was lifted by ropes.

For my part, the proper way to live is in good delvings, beneath the standing peaks.

Now the thanes went about their delvings grimly and separately, each tribe progressing at its own rate as they tried to build homes within the great cavern of the underground sea.

His immediate desire was to go straight to the new Hylar delvings and see her, but a reception committee was waiting for him at the cable-way.

Ward did not resume his old-time rambles, but applied himself diligently to the strange books he had brought home, and to equally strange delvings within his quarters.

Young Ward had written that his delvings had become blasphemous and menacing, that they and his bearded colleague must be extirpated at any cost, and that he himself would never return to their final scene.

About the second week Charles began to be absent from the house for long periods, and one day when good old black Hannah came to help with the spring cleaning she mentioned his frequent visits to the old house in Olney Court, where he would come with a large valise and perform curious delvings in the cellar.

The walls, once smooth, were cracked here and there, but such was the skill of the dwarven engineers who had first designed these tunnels that the delvings had withstood even the devastating quakes of the Cataclysm without collapsing.

From their vantage point, the dwarves could see only a small portion of the vast delvings, but what they saw was enough to stop their breath.

Ygromm told Brannog that other beings had made these delvings centuries before, but that they had long since died out.

At times it was impossible for Brannog to negotiate the narrow workings and detours had to be made, while at others the delvings were almost like caves.