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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Delusive \De*lu"sive\, a. [See Delude.] Apt or fitted to delude; tending to mislead the mind; deceptive; beguiling; delusory; as, delusive arts; a delusive dream.

Delusive and unsubstantial ideas.
--Whewell. -- De*lu"sive*ly, adv. -- De*lu"sive*ness, n.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1600; see delusion + -ive.


a. 1 Producing delusions. 2 delusional. 3 Inappropriate to reality; forming part of a delusion.


adj. inappropriate to reality or facts; "delusive faith in a wonder drug"; "delusive expectations"; "false hopes" [syn: false]

Usage examples of "delusive".

Fortunately for this delusive hopefulness there was no weird and boding Cassandra to pierce the veil of the future for us, and reveal the length and the ghastly horror of the Valley of the Shadow of Death, through which we must pass for hundreds of sad days, stretching out into long months of suffering and death.

That the chance was not delusive was sufficiently guaranteed by the completeness with which he could finally figure it out that, in case of his taking action, neither Ida nor Beale, whose book, on each side, it would only too well suit, would make any sort of row.

Are the curates to be seduced from their bishops by holding out to them the delusive hope of a dole out of the spoils of their own order?

That Gilman talked in his sleep was plain, and it was obviously from Desrochers' keyhole listenings that the delusive notion of the violet dream-light had got abroad.

The pigeon-pie was not bad, but it was a delusive pie: the crust being like a disappointing head, phrenologically speaking: full of lumps and bumps, with nothing particular underneath.

She has sanctified the dark, suspicious maxims of tyrannous distrust, and taught kings to tremble at (what will hereafter be called) the delusive plausibilities of moral politicians.