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Delroy is a masculine Jamaican given name. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Delroy Allen (born 1954), retired Jamaican-American soccer goalkeeper
  • Delroy Cambridge (born 1949), Jamaican professional golfer
  • Delroy Chuck, Jamaican lawyer, journalist and politician
  • Delroy Clarke (born 1982), Canadian football cornerback
  • Delroy Denton an illegal immigrant to Britain with a long record of violence
  • Delroy Edwards (1959–2005), Jamaican-born refugee, refused political asylum in UK, killed by a gang following his return
  • Delroy Facey (born 1980), British-Grenadian professional footballer
  • Delroy Garrett, fictional superhero published by Marvel Comics
  • Delroy Leslie (born 1970), retired boxer from Jamaica
  • Delroy Lindo (born 1952), British-born Jamaican American actor
  • Delroy McLean, birth name of Bitty McLean
  • Delroy McQueen, former English weightlifter and powerlifter
  • Delroy Pearson (born 1970), British singer and a member of the pop group Five Star
  • Delroy Poyser (born 1962), retired long jumper from Jamaica
  • Delroy Wilson (1948–1995), Jamaican ska, rocksteady and reggae singer