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Delray is the name of several communities in the United States of America:

  • Delray, Georgia
  • Delray, Detroit, Michigan
  • Delray, Texas
  • Delray, West Virginia
  • Delray Beach, Florida
  • Delray Gardens, Florida
  • Delray Shores, Florida
See also
  • Del Ray (disambiguation)
  • Del Rey (disambiguation)
  • Chevrolet Delray

Usage examples of "delray".

I didn't know Delray well and hadn't liked what I did know: the third son of Delray of Sunrise, a huge hold in the Aphrodisian Hills.

The house was in Delray Beach, a dump but only a few blocks from the ocean.

Fridley's the woman who called the department and said she saw Mary Rollins in Delray Beach.

She moved south to Delray Beach, not exactly returning to her roots, but to an area near where her mother and sister live, yet safely far away.

They dropped Skink near the Delray Beach overpass to let him roast the bird in private.

In Delray Beach, Florida, librarian Kathleen Hensman said three of the hijackers monitored her to make sure she couldn't see what they were doing online.

She had e-mail from her father, now relocated in Delray Beach, Florida.

Robbie Delray, the guy I told you about, says he saw his first one over five years ago, walking a Lhasa Apso on Boston Common.