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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Delphic \Del"phic\, a. [L. Delphicus, fr. Gr. Delfiko`s, fr. Delfoi`, L. Delphi, a town of Phocis, in Greece, now Kastri.] (Gr. Antiq.)

  1. Of or relating to Delphi, or to the famous oracle of that place.

  2. Ambiguous; mysterious. ``If he is silent or delphic.''
    --New York Times.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1590s, from Latin Delphicus, from Greek Delphikos, from Delphi (see Delphi).


a. (alternative form of Delphic English)


Delphic are a band from Stockport, England. They are signed to Polydor but released their first single "Counterpoint", produced by Ewan Pearson, in April 2009 through R&S Records. The band started out as a trio – Richard "Rick" Boardman, Matt Cocksedge, and James Cook – after their previous group, Snowfight in the City Centre, disbanded. They are now a four-piece band, augmented by drummer Dan Hadley, incorrectly identified as "Dan Theman" on early news coverage such as Paul Lester's coverage of them in his "New Band of the Day" feature.

In 2009 the band toured the UK music festival circuit, playing at T in the Park, Reading and Leeds Festivals, and Creamfields, among others.

The EP for "This Momentary" was released on 31 August 2009 through Kitsuné. The music video for "This Momentary" was nominated for three UK Music Video Awards, including Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Telecine. In November 2009 they made their first TV appearance appearing on Later... with Jools Holland playing "Doubt" and "Halcyon".

Delphic were one of the 15 shortlisted music acts for the BBC Sound of 2010 as announced on Monday 7 December 2009. When the winners were announced in early 2010, it was revealed the band had placed third on BBC Sound of 2010, after Ellie Goulding and Marina and the Diamonds.

Acolyte was released in Australia and New Zealand on 22 January 2010 via Modular and in the United States on 29 June 2010 via Dangerbird Records. Collections, the band's second album, was released on 28 January 2013.

Delphic collaborated with Manchester International Festival in July 2013, performing a three night exclusive residency at the festival, re-working their entire album 'Collections' with an array of instruments from around the world played by musicians from the UK. The event series was entitled 'Our Worldly Collections'.

Delphic are currently writing new material as well as collaborating with other artists. They recently collaborated with Bradford-based producer TS7 on his new track "Reach''. UK producer Shadowchild recently posted a picture on Instagram from Delphic's studio, suggesting the two artists may also be working together.

Usage examples of "delphic".

Once he had distributed photographs of himself wearing their uniform with the Delphic inscription written above his signature, “I bide my time.

It was the General, at last, transmitting the Delphic message: “Enter.

Rather than address her conflict directly, she said, “The High Council has made it clear that they don’t want me to enter the Delphic Expanse.

The edge of the infamous Delphic Expanse was now visible, as an incalculably vast column of roiling, umber-colored clouds.

O leaves of me Too sere for coronal wreaths, and fit alone For urns of memory, treasured, perhaps, as themes For hearts heroic, fearless singers and livers-- Delphic Apollo.

He commented on the magnificent beauty of the dark-haired Delphic Sibyl, asked questions about the white-maned father carrying his dead son onto the rocks, Noah's Ark in the background looking somewhat like a Greek temple, inquired about what was going to be painted in the other areas.

Coming straight after Delphic Biosys-tems' elegant, assured spokespeople (teeth and skin by Masarini of Florence, sincerity by Operant Conditioning pie), it would be like being jolted out of a daydream by a kick in the head.

Is the stage Apollo a lyrist, but the Delphic Apollo ignorant of this art?

When an olive-tree suddenly appeared there, and water burst forth in another place, these prodigies moved the king to send to the Delphic Apollo to inquire what they meant and what he should do.

Then the musical games were instituted for tile Delphic Apollo, to appease his anger, through which they thought the regions of Greece were afflicted with barrenness, because they had not defended his temple which Danaos burnt when he invaded those lands.

  A stream of prophecy, which rivalled the truth and reputation of the Delphic oracle, flowed from the Castalian fountain of Daphne.

Even the bow of horn that the Pythoness, the Delphic Oracle, gave him to repel their assaults proved to be of little use.