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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Delphian \Del"phi*an\, a. Delphic.


Delphian can refer to:

  • Delphi, an ancient Greek sanctuary and home of a well-known oracle
  • Delphian, one of the ancient Greek dialects
  • Delphian (band), a Dutch progressive metal band
  • Delphian (typeface)
  • Delphian League, an English amateur football league
  • Delphian Records, a record label based in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • The Delphian School, the founding school of Delphi Schools
  • The Delphian Society, founded in 1910 to promote the education of women in the United States
Delphian (band)

Delphian is a progressive metal band from Netherlands.

Delphian (typeface)

Delphian is an all-caps display typeface created by R. Hunter Middleton in 1928 and published in metal by Ludlow. A digital version was issued by Monotype. Delphian has a modern, yet classic style and is notable for having no lower-case characters. One website commented on Middleton's font, "His tour de force, Delphian Open Title, invokes that rare intellectual response, admiration." It is seldom used today, except to evoke an art deco aura.

Usage examples of "delphian".

Delphian, the Samian, the Tiburtine, the Cimmerian a crown of thorns, a sceptre of reeds, scourges, a cross.

The Thebans now availed themselves of the influence which they possessed in the Amphictyonic council to take vengeance upon the Phocians and accordingly induced this body to impose a heavy fine upon the latter people, because they had cultivated a portion of the Cirrhaean plain, which had been consecrated to the Delphian god, and was to lie waste for ever.