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Usage examples of "delmonico".

How eloquently it seems to tell us that there was no Delmonico in those days.

At all events, we can wait till Edison perfects the electric light, before asking him to make a dinner available with Delmonico fifteen miles away.

Republic of Delmonico, pulled another stack of reports toward her across the cherry wood desk.

It had also derailed the effort by the United States to separate the coastal country of Delmonico from its hostile neighbor, Rebelia, and bring it one step closer to the European Union and NATO.

Not only would a close bilateral relationship between Delmonico and the United States help isolate Rebelia, but the country is strategically positioned to give us direct access from the Adriatic Sea to military targets.

And there are factions here and in Delmonico itself who have profited from his activities.

Ambassador Barnes secured that treaty on the basis of her personal relationships with the president of Delmonico and his cabinet.

In Delmonico, she lived with seventy-four staffers, an army of housekeepers, a team of gardeners and a small detachment of marines.

For over a year, the provisions and ramifications of the Delmonico Accord had consumed her, waking and sleeping.

And when the time came for her to return to her work in Delmonico and for him to go on saving the world, maybe she would find the strength to let him go.

He knew Samantha had been confirmed by the president and was scheduled to fly across the Atlantic tomorrow to address the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council on the implications of the Delmonico Accord.

Once she makes her presentation to the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council meeting this week, her death is less likely to derail the Delmonico Accord.

The speech he delivers at the Syndicate Delmonico Dinner, is justly applauded by the New York Press as a masterpiece of astuteness.

Kent Burnett, bearing over his arm a coat newly pressed in the Delmonico restaurant, dodged in at the back door of the saloon, threw the coat down upon the tousled bed, and pushed back his hat with a gesture of relief at an onerous duty well performed.

Delmonico even rounded me up a bottle of root beer (though I think he had to send one of his boys out to fetch it from a local grocer).