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n. (plural of dell English)

Usage examples of "dells".

We must go beyond the Twilight Dells, beyond even the BorderKeep-to the glorious fiefdoms of Trold, my homeland!

Greylock was troubled by their vulnerability in the Twilight Dells, and indeed, in the Underworld.

If half of Redfrock's company had already been killed in the Twilight Dells, Redfrock would be thinking that he would need an equal number to make it back to the mountains.

Apparently, Moag had not bothered to ask the men of the BorderKeep the reason why the Twilight Dells were out of bounds.

The story I heard as a baby on my nurse's lap was that the Wyrrs had betrayed the gods of Godshome, and are condemned to stay in the Twilight Dells until the gods call on them once more for help.

The weekend was crammed with social events, cocktails on Saturday evening at the home of Jon and Nanci Rindfleisch on Brompton Road, our pig-roast buffet held this year at the Pifers' in Amherst Dells, and a postmidnight swim and all-night disco at Willowsville Mayor Hewson's house on Mill Race Lane, Sunday morning a champagne brunch at a.

In a horn-honking flotilla of shiny cars we would wend our way to Leroux Pifer's home in Amherst Dells three and three-quarters miles as, years ago, after football and basketball victories, we would wend our way through Willowsville wild and intoxicated and disturbing the peace, doubting the peace was ours to disturb.

She was standing at the edge of the Pifers' elegant redwood deck cantilevered over a sparkling-waterfall ravine in the portaled, privately policed Village of Amherst Dells, due west of the Village of Willowsville, gazing at us, her old classmates, with a look of defiance, and deference.

He imagined he could see her body, the cool curves, the secret dells, and every alien place on her became a source of intense curiosity and profound eroticism.

Through dense Marre pine forests and towering ammonwood copses, across the ripening fields of Lonon, along rocky wind-scoured ridges, down grassy dells they sped.

If the ambush at the Dells was to succeed, then Tintagel and his companions would have to hold the line in the east.

Many, many more, but at least the spells had bought the elves in the Dells some time.

The enemy had backed off after the slaughter in the Dells, and now sent small probing groups-mostly goblins-deeper into Shilmista.

Shayleigh had been the one to argue for, and to organize, the ambush in the Dells, having read the enemy's initial probing actions perfectly.

The enemy had backed off after the slaughter in the Dells, and now sent small probing groupsmostly goblinsdeeper into Shilmista.