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Dellinger (crater)

Dellinger is a lunar crater that is located on the Moon's far side. It is attached to the southern rim of the crater Pannekoek. To the southeast lies the crater Marconi, and to the southwest is Chauvenet.

The outer rim of this crater is eroded in places, including an outward protrusion along the southern rim and particularly along the northern half. There is a pair of small craters on the northwestern part of the interior floor.


Dellinger may refer to:

Dellinger (surname)

Dellinger is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bill Dellinger (born 1934), US athlete
  • David Dellinger (1915-2004), pacifist and activist for nonviolent social change
  • Hampton Dellinger, 2008 Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina
  • John Howard Dellinger (1886-1962), telecommunication engineer and vice chairman of Institute of Radio Engineers
  • Matt Dellinger, US journalist of The New Yorker
  • Rudolf Dellinger (1857-1910), German composer, Kapellmeister
  • Walter E. Dellinger III (born 1941), US jurist, United States Solicitor General 1996–1997
  • Dellinger is a character in One Piece in who fights with kicks.