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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Delit \De*lit"\, n. Delight. [Obs.]

Usage examples of "delit".

Yis, certes, lo, thise stories beren witnesse, Whan thritty tirauntz, ful of cursednesse, Hadde slayn Phidoun in Atthenes, at feste, They comanded hise doghtres for tareste, And bryngen hem biforn hem in despit, Al naked, to fulfille hir foul delit, And in hir fadres blood they made hem daunce Upon the pavement, God yeve hem myschaunce.

Now sith that maydens hadden swich despit, To been defouled with mannes foul delit, Wel oghte a wyf rather hirselven slee, Than be defouled, as it thynketh me.

De Barnabo de Lumbardia Off Melan grete Barnabo Viscounte, God of delit and scourge of Lumbardye, Why sholde I nat thyn infortune acounte, Sith in estaat thow cloumbe were so hye?

For in his huntyng hath he swich delit That it is al his joye and appetit To been hymself the grete hertes bane- For after Mars he serveth now Dyane.

Alle thise ensamples speke I by thise men, That been untrewe, and no thyng by wommen, For men han evere a likerous appetit On lower thyng to parfourne hire delit, Than on hire wyves, be they nevere so faire, Ne nevere so trewe, ne so debonaire.