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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Delices \Del"i*ces\, n. pl. [F. d['e]lices, fr. L. deliciae.] Delicacies; delights. [Obs.] ``Dainty delices.''


n. (plural of delice English)


Délices is a village in French Guiana, in the commune of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni.

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Delices is a small village in Dominica. It is located in the south-east of the island, between La Plaine and Petite Savanne.

The village's name derives from the French words délices, translated as "delights", or délice meaning "a delightful thing". Though not as developed as other parts of the island, its natural beauty and wonderful views attract many -eco-tourists. It is home to the White River and Victoria Falls.

The village is home to the Jungle Bay Resort and Spa.

Home of Founder of Delices Church of God 7th day, Elder Matthew Felix St.Rose (1938-2014) Pastor/Farmer/Line fisherman/folk story teller father of 12 children. Husband of Elizabeth" Titin" née James.

Usage examples of "delices".

But, certes, he that haunteth such delices Is dead while that he liveth in those vices.

The ministre and the norice unto vices, Which that men clepe in Englissh ydelnesse, That porter of the gate is of delices, To eschue, and by hir contrarie hir oppresse, (That is to seyn by leveful bisynesse), Wel oghten we to doon al oure entente, Lest that the feend thurgh ydelnesse us shente.

There Atin found Cymochles soiourning,To serue his Lemans loue: for he, by kind,Was giuen all to lust and loose liuing,When euer his fiers hands he free mote find:And now he has pourd out his idle mindIn daintie delices, and lauish ioyes,Hauing his warlike weapons cast behind,And flowes in pleasures, and vaine pleasing toyes,Mingled emongst loose Ladies and lasciuious boyes.

And it was seated in an Island strong,Abounding all with delices most rare,And wall'd by nature gainst inuaders wrong,That none mote haue accesse, nor inward fare,But by one way, that passage did prepare.

There leaue we them in pleasure and repast,Spending their ioyous dayes and gladfull nights,And taking vsurie of time forepast,With all deare delices and rare delights,Fit for such Ladies and such louely knights:And turne we here to this faire furrowes endOur wearie yokes, to gather fresher sprights,That when as time to Artegall shall tend,We on his first aduenture may him forward send.

But certes, he that haunteth swiche delices Is deed, whil that he lyveth in tho vices.

L'ambition, la fureur, les delices Etoient mes Dieux, avoient mes sacrifices.