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n. (plural of delegate English)

Usage examples of "delegates".

With several other delegates, Adams spent a day inspecting defenses on the Delaware.

Unlike the delegates at Philadelphia, she and the children were confronted with the reality of war every waking hour.

Adams was chosen by the legislature as one of five delegates to the First Continental Congress at Philadelphia, and with all Massachusetts on the verge of rebellion, he removed Abigail and the children again to Braintree, where they would remain.

Congress, he was at first dazzled by the other delegates, who, he decided, comprised an assembly surpassing any in history.

In good weather, as a place for the delegates to stretch their legs and talk privately, the yard was ideal.

He knew the delegates now as he had not before, and they had come to know him.

When some of the delegates protested that smoke from the wood stoves in the chamber was the cause of such poor health, the stoves were removed.

Congress the current of events seemed also to turn with the season as the delegates of three southern colonies, South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina, received instructions freeing them to vote for independence.

July 1, to allow delegates from the middle colonies time to send for new instructions.

June 15, the provincial legislature of New Jersey had ordered the arrest of its royal governor, William Franklin, the estranged, illegitimate son of Benjamin Franklin, and authorized its delegates in Congress to vote for independence.

To see that this was done, five new New Jersey delegates had been appointed.

June 23 a conference of committees from every county in Pennsylvania declared that the delegates of Pennsylvania in Congress should vote for independence.

The New York delegates abstained, saying they favored the motion but lacked specific instructions.

South Carolina, too, surprisingly, voted no, while Delaware, with only two delegates present, was divided.

City Tavern and in the lodging houses of the delegates was extremely tense.