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Delden is a town in the Dutch province of Overijssel and, since 2001, in the municipality of Hof van Twente.

Although its population is small, it gained city rights in 1333. Castle Twickel is a famous landmark near Delden and the Baron van Heeckeren of Twickel built a watertower in Delden. While drilling for water, the Baron's men discovered salt, which started the salt industry in the region of Twente. In 2013, the city had a population of 7,400 according to Statistics Netherlands. The town of Delden covers an area of 5.96 square kilometers.

Before it became a part of Hof van Twente in 2001, Delden consisted of two municipalities: Stad Delden (the city itself), and Ambt Delden (the surrounding countryside). These municipalities had existed since 1818, when the original municipality "Delden" was divided into two parts.

The town is served by Delden railway station on the line Zutphen- Hengelo.