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Delaney (surname)

Delaney is an Irish surname derived from the Gaelic Ó Dubhsláine, Dubh meaning black and Slaine for the River Slaine ( Slaney). DeLaney is also of Norman origin. There is a branch of Dulaneys in the United States who trace back to a Thomas Delany. Thomas's son, Daniel, claimed to have been descended from Dr. Gideon Delaune, a Huguenot physician and theologian and founder of the Apothecaries' Hall. Hence, there are multiple discussions among genealogical circles as to the origin of Delaney since it can be anglicized Gaelic or anglicized French. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Arthur Delaney (1927-1987), English painter
  • Arthur Delaney (politician) (1841–1905), first mayor of Juneau, Alaska, USA
  • Cameron Delaney, Australian backstroke swimmer
  • Colin Delaney, American professional wrestler
  • Damien Delaney, Irish footballer
  • Daniel Delaney, Irish bishop
  • Dean Delany, Irish footballer
  • Eamon Delaney, Irish author and former diplomat
  • Edward Delaney, Irish sculptor
  • Edward C. Delaney, creator of the Delaney Card
  • Edward X. Delaney, the fictional detective in Lawrence Sanders' books
  • Frank Delaney, Irish writer and broadcaster
  • Jack Delaney, Canadian boxer in the early 20th century
  • James Delaney (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Jimmy Delaney, Scottish footballer
  • Joe Delaney, American football player
  • John Delaney (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Joseph Delaney, British author
  • Joseph Patrick Delaney, American bishop
  • Kim Delaney, American actress
  • Lucy Delaney, African-American author
  • Malcolm Delaney, American professional basketball player
  • Mark Delaney (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Martin Delaney (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Mattie Delaney, American blues singer and performer
  • Mike Delaney, British football choreographer and freestyler
  • Naamua Delaney, news anchor for CNN
  • Padraic Delaney, Irish actor
  • Pat Delaney (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Paul Delaney, York University faculty, regular contributor to CTV News
  • Robert Delaney, American baseball player
  • Sean Delaney, American musician and producer
  • Shelagh Delaney, British playwright
  • Thomas A. Delaney, American politician
  • Thomas Joseph Delaney, Danish footballer