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Delamare or De la Mare is a surname of French origin (from Normandy). Delamare may refer to:

  • Achille Joseph Delamare (1790-1873), French senator.
  • Sir Arthur de la Mare (1914–1994), British diplomat
  • Delphine Delamare (née Couturier, 1822–1848), French housewife said to have inspired Flaubert's Madame Bovary
  • Frederick Archibald de la Mare (1877–1960), New Zealand lawyer and educationalist
  • Sir John Delamare (c.1320–1383), courtier of Edward III of England and builder of Nunney Castle in Somerset
  • Lise Delamare (1913–2006), French stage and film actress
  • Manuel De La Mare (born 1979), Italian music producer and recording artist
  • Sir Peter de la Mare (died c.1387), English politician during the Good Parliament of 1376
  • Philip DeLaMare (1823–1915), American Mormon who started a sugar factory in Utah
  • Rosine Delamare (1911–2013), French costume designer
  • Walter de la Mare (1873–1956), English writer
  • William de la Mare (died c.1285), English Franciscan theologian
  • Xavier Delamare, French former Scientology leader