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n. 1 Any of several places in Yorkshire. 2 (surname habitational from=Old English dot=) derived from these places.


People named Deighton

  • Jeremy Deighton, American soccer player
  • John Deighton (bar owner)
  • Len Deighton (author)
  • Matt Deighton, singer-songwriter, member of Mother Earth, associated with Oasis
  • Michelle Deighton (model)
  • Ernest Deighton (flying ace)

Places named Deighton

  • Deighton, Hambleton, North Yorkshire
  • Deighton, West Yorkshire
  • Deighton, York, North Yorkshire

Usage examples of "deighton".

The paved backyards of these cheap boxlike buildings were littered with dented cars and pickups, 20 LEN DEIGHTON and their rooftops were a writhing snakepit of airconditioning pipes.

The Beverly Hilton brunch was his favor126 LEN DEIGHTON ite, and my boy Danny was an authority on all-youcan-eat brunches.

I suppose it wasn't a good idea to invite her to a brunch with Danny and 202 LEN DEIGHTON Robyna.

At every turn, their headlights picked out bewildering collections of every spare part imaginable: crated interrupters, gravitron compensators, wave shunts, dynamos, telsa coils, amplifiers, generators, multipliers, Drive oscillators, resonance waveguides, Deighton modulators, the billion and one items necessary to maintain a sizable fleet aloft and in fighting trim.

Deighton set his briefcase on the table and opened it, careful as always to keep the open back toward the table, the contents hidden from view.