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The Collaborative International Dictionary

deice \de*ice\ v. t. to remove ice or frost from.

Syn: defrost.


vb. To remove the ice from something.


v. make or become free of frost or ice; "Defrost the car window" [syn: defrost, de-ice]

Usage examples of "deice".

Tam Paupa he wore, Kirk suspected, eb Riss would long deice have been runmag for the nearest exit.

There is a report of a high-ranking officer who fetched his wife from their cabin on the upper deck and began to deice the mountings of a motor launch that had been used in KDF times as an excursion boat during trips to Norway.

If takeoff is delayed for some reason, the aircraft may have to be deiced again while it waits, just in case.

The runway would be plowed and the jet deiced by the time he got there.

From that incident, the aviation industry gained a new understanding of how important it was to have planes properly deiced before takeoff in frigid weather.

One hundred and fifty thousand dollars for three hundred barrels of deicing fluid, a reminder that I was in a true cold-weather station for the first time in my career.

Later, when the sky was brighter and the aircraft were preparing for departure, all trace of it would have to be cleared off under the high-pressure blast of the deicing hose.

Therefore, deicing equipment was installed on the leading edges of the wing and tail surfaces.

Pavement deicing equipment had kicked in, adding clouds of steam to the atmospheric melange.

Slush was beginning to accumulate underfoot in spite of the deicing grid.