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The Collaborative International Dictionary

dehumidify \de*hu*mid"i*fy\ v. t. to remove the moisture from (air or another gas); to reduce the humidity of; as, The air conditioner dehumidifies the air in the summer.

Syn: make less humid.


vb. To reduce the moisture in a body of air; to lower the humidity.

  1. v. make less humid; "The air conditioner dehumidifies the air in the summer" [ant: humidify]

  2. [also: dehumidified]

Usage examples of "dehumidify".

But the air conditioner also dehumidified, and that created a level of comfort that was unbelievable.

Swamped with requests for authorizations, statistics that had to be evaluated, decisions that had to be approved, subordinates who had to be coddled, and delegations of Deyzara desperately in need of reassurance, she barely had time to leave her office long enough to say hello to her family before collapsing into the cooled, dehumidified airbed alongside her husband.

Oak floorboards, seasoned by five centuries of dehumidified conditioning, were strong enough to hold the new weight distribution pattern.

Though the air-conditioned, dehumidified hostels beckoned, he resolutely ignored their civilized blandishments.

Jallrii's gaze narrowed and the end of the dehumidifying mask over his snout began to show signs of fogging.

Any moisture would have long since dried up in the dehumidifying effect of the air conditioning.

A squat machine whined in one corner, dehumidifying and cooling the air.

It was surprisingly cool and dry within, clearly due to the silent exertions of artfully concealed air-conditioning and dehumidifying appliances.

They carried gloves, but despite the suits' best efforts at cooling and dehumidifying, it was still oppressively hot.

Thermal plates warmed them, but Han could see no dehumidifying equipment, though he was certain it must exist.