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Dehn or Dehns may refer to:

  • Dehns, the trading name for British attorney office Frank B. Dehn & Co
  • Adolf Dehn
  • Lili Dehn
  • Max Dehn, mathematician
  • Megan Dehn
  • Mura Dehn
  • Paul Dehn, poet and screenwriter
  • Werner Dehn
  • Dehn (cyclecar) manufactured by Fahrzeug- und Maschinenfabrik K. C. Dehn ( :de:Fahrzeug- und Maschinenfabrik K. C. Dehn)

Usage examples of "dehn".

Veins stood out along his temples where the Dehn spots pulsed as if alive.

Freidal had already subjected me to such prolonged physical torture"—unconsciously his thin fingers sought his forehead, where before Ronin had seen the terrifying marks of the Dehn spots—"in trying to pry out of me all that I knew of the Surface, that he felt it was time to change tactics.