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Dehana is one of the woredas in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. It is named for one of the five clans of the Agaw. Part of the Wag Hemra Zone, Dehana is bordered on the south by the Semien (North) Wollo Zone, on the west by the Tekezé River which separates it from the Debub (South) Gondar Zone and the Semien (North) Gondar Zone, on the north by Zikuala, on the northeast by Soqota, and on the east by Gazbibla. Gazbibla woreda was separated from Dehana.

The major town in Dehana is Amde Werq. The Battle of Qwila, where Wagshum Gobeze defeated and killed his rival Tiso Gobeze in late 1867, was fought in this woreda.