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defensive field

n. (context cricket English) A field set with fielders in positions designed to prevent runs rather than take wickets.

Usage examples of "defensive field".

It lit up when it forced its way through what remains of this thing's defensive field.

Paul snapped the force button at his waist, felt the crinkled-skin tingling of the defensive field at his forehead and down his back, heard external sounds take on characteristic shield-filtered flatness.

He crossed to the dummy, slapped the switch on its chest with his rapier tip and felt the defensive field forcing his blade away.

The defensive field faded along that part of the fence, its continuity broken.

For that matter, Harry's own defensive field, reduced as it was, should have prevented the contact.

When it had ended, a tiny pool of water lay at the base of the intact defensive field.

There was hangar deck, cold and dark, the fuzzy outline of the inner surface of the ship's defensive field an impossible black.

She'd been hoping it would overload the defensive field, but no joy.

Behind his altar, Initiate Marmiadon worked at what I took to be reinforcement of his defensive field.