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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Defensibility \De*fen`si*bil"i*ty\, n. Capability of being defended.


n. The state or quality of being defensible

Usage examples of "defensibility".

While these areas had many noteworthy features, defensibility against the Posleen was not one of them.

Otranto's strategic trading location on a narrow channel separating the eastern and western continents, defensibility, culture, workforce or market size, made it the true prize of the planet.

The military man in him admired the defensibility of the location, should someone choose to place a fortress where the nomad's camp was.

It showed signs of having been built for defensibility, remodeled for leisure, and then subtly returned to its original purpose.

Gethzerion's assault plans apparently did not take into account such mundane notions as terrain, fortifications, defensibility of the clan's positions.

The location might have made sense from a military perspective, but—as Ankkit was a bean-counting coward like all of his kind—he didn’t need defensibility, either.