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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"excellent," first recorded 1979 in Black English, perhaps a shortened form of definite, or from a Jamaican variant of death.


abbr. 1 deficit 2 definitely 3 definition a. (context US slang English) very good (short for "definitive" or "definitely")


Def or DEF may refer to:

  • Deferoxamine
  • Design Exchange Format
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Disarmed Enemy Forces
  • DEF II, a British youth TV programme
  • def, a keyword in Python
  • , a factory owned by Oskar Schindler

  • Def, a Middle Eastern musical instrument
  • A module-definition (.def) file of Visual Studio

Usage examples of "def".

When he opened it he took out several items, among them her wallet and one of her Def Leppard T-shirts, as well as one of the white shirts Cage had worn.

Joe Elliot, had gotten her a lot of Def Leppard paraphernalia as gifts over the years.

Seated directly behind him, General Grisham held several folders in case they were needed, but the Sec Def waved them off.

Though briefing without the aid of notes or Power Point slides, the Sec Def was speaking quickly.

The Sec Def had been complaining about the poor quality of human intelligence collection at the CIA for years and as far as he was concerned, the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, signed by the President on 17 December 2004, and the creation of the DNI had made things worse instead of better.

Apparently your experts at Homeland Security think the Sec Def and the Chairman are too vulnerable.

While awaiting them were not only members of the maned race, and robed Deves, but a new type of Lochanian native.

Against the glow of one of the fires could be made out the unwieldy bulk of one who could only be the Axe of Rou, attended by one of the Deves, and scuttling along at his side one of the Skrem.

Two of the Deves also relinquished their traveling swings, though the Axe had gone with the others.

The Deves, who had done nothing to help with the luggage, and both bestrode one of the animals, uttered a call which blended both of their voices.

However, at the sight of the two Deves with the Skrem party these fell back and the first of the riders was out on the bridge.

The Skrem had not stirred far from their own chosen places and the two Deves still sat back-to-back.

Skrem broke their own camp and herded their beasts down to be packed by the off-worlders, the Deves still holding themselves apart, though keeping a close eye, Jofre noted, on both parties.

The knot of Skrem broke apart and scrambled toward their own beasts, as if fearing the creatures might follow the two which the Deves bestrode.

Skrem and the Deves, he thought with a resigned logic, really wanted to be rid of them, all they need do was to leave them marooned here.