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n. (context dated or nonstandard English) (plural of deer English)


Deers may refer to:

  • Deers, Illinois, an unincorporated community in Champaign County
  • DEERS ( Defense Enrollment and Eligibility Reporting System)
  • Deer, improperly pluralized as "deers", ruminant mammals

Usage examples of "deers".

Rennie arrived in Pendleton on September 23, 1933the same year that the Kicking Deers lost a child they believed had become the Umatilla Wolf Boy.

The Kicking Deers were Cayuse, a tribe he and the Pack knew little about.

If there are more Kicking Deers in the area, they all have unlisted phone numbers and live uninteresting lives.

Kicking Deers are quite annoyed by all the claims to the Wolf Boy legacy.

Kicking Deers have been holding a nest egg for the boy for over seventy years.

Alicia was still missing, someone had tried to kill him, and the Kicking Deers thought he was a con artist.

Unless, of course, the Kicking Deers had something to do with the shooting.

They say that the Cayuse horses are so sturdy because the Kicking Deers bred with them.

The trio of remaining Kicking Deers looked up as Rennie carried Ukiah in through the back door.

It had become common knowledge that Ukiah was somehow related to the Kicking Deers and the Ontongard could be watching them.

They stayed until Friday for the sake of the recovering Kraynaks, and the Kicking Deers, who wanted Magic Boy to attend the roundup with the rest of the clan.

The Kicking Deers gathered together clothing for Ukiah: moccasins, fringed buckskin pants, beaded shirt, and eagle feathers.