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a. (archaic spelling of dear English) n. 1 (archaic spelling of dear English) 2 (archaic spelling of deer English)


Deere is an English family name. It is variant spelling of Dear. This name as two possible origins, the first is derived from the Middle English (1200-1500) personal name "Dere," from the Old English pre 7th century "Deora," meaning beloved and used as a byname.

  • Alan Christopher Deere (1917-1995), New Zealand air force personnel
  • Jack Deere, American pastor and theologian
  • Jason Deere (born 1968), American singer-songwriter
  • Jim Deere, former American football player and coach
  • John Deere (inventor) (1804-1866), American blacksmith and inventor
Deere (automobile)

The Deere-Clark Motor Car Company was a manufacturer of automobiles in Moline, Illinois from 1906 to 1907.

Usage examples of "deere".

I do not tell The Lemon Drop Kid that he is also criticized in some quarters for his action while in the sneezer at Auburn in sending the old guy the few bobs he is able to gather in by making and selling knickknacks of one kind and another to visitors, until finally Jonas Deering saves him any more bother by up and passing away of too much applejack.

John Deere 420S row crop tractor, hauled a manure spreader, pulled a small bushhog, and felt like a friend.

John Deere invented a plow with a revolving blade and a steel moldboard that was able to cut the sod and turn it over.

After a clumsy doublereverse I stood alone watching Ron Steeples, way over at the far rim of vision, whirl in a rotary cloud of snow and take a swing at Jim Deering, whose back was turned.

Graders, backhoes, hydraulic shovels, boom lifts, anything Caterpillar or John Deere ever made.

His first name is Jonas, and he is a housepainter by trade, but he seldom feels like doing any painting, as he claims he never really recovers from a terrible backache he gets when he is in the Spanish-American War with the First New York, so Miss Alicia Deering supports him by dealing them off her arm in the Commercial Hotel.

Cecile cam whan it was woxen nyght, With preestes that hem cristned alle yfeere, And afterward, whan day was woxen light, Cecile hem seyde, with a ful stedefast cheere, "Now Cristes owene knyghtes, leeve and deere, Cast alle awey the werkes of derkness And armeth yow in armure of brightnesse.

Right as a swerd forkutteth and forkerveth An arme atwo, my deere sone, right so A tonge kutteth freendshipe al atwo.

This knyght avyseth hym and sore siketh, But atte laste, he seyde in this manere: "My lady and my love, and wyf so deere, I put me in youre wise governance.

Lady, thy bountee, thy magnificence, Thy vertu, and thy grete humylitee, Ther may no tonge expresse in no science, For somtyme, lady, er men praye to thee, Thou goost biforn of thy benyngnytee And getest us the lyght, thurgh thy preyere, To gyden us unto thy sone so deere.

To every wight she woxen is so deere And worshipful, that folk ther she was bore And from hir birthe knewe hir yeer by yeere, Unnethe trowed they, but dorste han swore That she to Janicle, of which I spak bifore, She doghter nere, for as by conjecture, Hem thoughte she was another creature.

Enformed whan the kyng was of that knyght, And hath conceyved in his wit aright The manere and the forme of al this thyng, Thus glad and blithe this noble doughty kyng Repeireth to his revel as biforn, The brydel is unto the tour yborn, And kept among hise jueles, leeve and deere.

The nyght cam, and to bedde moste she gon With hir housbonde, as ofte is the manere, And pryvely to hym she seyde anon, "O sweete and wel biloved spouse deere, Ther is a conseil, and ye wolde it heere, Which that right fayn I wolde unto yow seye, So that ye swere ye shul me nat biwreye.

Therfore he made hym dyen in this wise, But nathelees, this Seneca the wise Chees in a bath to dye in this manere, Rather than han anoother tormentise, And thus hath Nero slayn his maister deere.

O deere cosyn Palamon," quod he, "Thyn is the victorie of this aventure.