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Deepdene (diamond)

The Deepdene is a yellow diamond widely considered to be the largest irradiated diamond in the world.

Deepdene (garden)

Deepdene was an estate and country house occupying the south-east of Dorking, Surrey, England, the aspects of it that remains being a large minority of its woodland garden which is listed and interwoven among Dorking Golf Course.


Deepdene may refer to:

  • Deepdene (diamond), an irradiated diamond
  • Deepdene, Victoria, Australia, a Melbourne locality once part of the suburb of Balwyn
    • Deepdene railway station, Melbourne
  • Deepdene, Surrey, an area of the Surrey town of Dorking in England
    • Dorking Deepdene railway station (formerly Deepdene railway station)
    • Deepdene (garden) (site of former house in Surrey)
  • Deepdene (estate) one of the Berkshire Cottages in Massachusetts, USA
  • Deepdene Park, part of the Olmsted Linear Park in Druid Hills, Georgia, USA
  • Deepdene, a serif typeface by Frederic Goudy
Deepdene (typeface)

Deepdene is a serif typeface designed by Frederic Goudy from 1927–1933. It belongs to the "old-style" of serif font design, with low contrast between strokes and an oblique axis. However, Deepdene has crisp serifs and a nearly upright italic, with much less of a slant than is normal for this style.

Issued by the American branch of Lanston Monotype, Deepdene was popular on its release and often used for the body text of books. Several digitisations have been created.

Deepdene is named after Goudy's home in Marlborough-on-Hudson. This was itself named for the road on which he previously lived in Queens, New York.