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n. 1 (given name male from=Hindi) used in India. 2 (surname: from=India)


Deepak (दीपक) is a Hindi word meaning lamp from SanskritDeepa or diya, or source of light. It is mostly used to decorate houses during Tihar in Nepal and Dipawali in India. In the twentieth century, it became very popular as a first name for male Hindus. Names like Deepa (male-though used for females by many Indians now), Deepika (female), Deepthi (female), Deepan (male), Deepali (female) and many others are related to Deepak.

The names mentioned above are related to light or the holder of light - Deepak (male) - a lamp, or candle; meaning who gives light on his own behalf;

  • Deepa (male) - a lamp
  • Deep (male) - wick/flame of the lamp;Hindi/North Indian derivation of Sanskrit "Deepa" (male)
  • Deepankar (male) - one who lights lamps;
  • Deependra (male) - lord of light;
  • Deepit (male) - lighted;
  • Deepanjali (female) - offerings of lamps;
  • Deepmala (female) - garland of lamps, tower of lamps;
  • Deepali (female) - collection of lamps;
  • Deepika (female) - a little light;
  • Deepamalika (female) - garland of lamps;
  • Deepunja (male) - light of lamp;
  • Deepti/Deepthi (female) - glow, shine;
  • Deepanshu (male) - glow;

In Hinduism light is the symbol of knowledge.

Usage examples of "deepak".

A long-ago seer looked inside himself and picked a ripple of consciousness that had the name Deepak attached to it.