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a. (context obsolete or dialectal English) deaf

Usage examples of "deef".

Through the glass panelled doors he spied Van Deef at the tavern entrance at last and rose to meet him.

Van Deef had delivered all that was requested, except that his boots and gloves proved universally too small.

If Van Deef is retired from the army, he is likely old enough to appreciate it.

George took a table in the parlour and ordered a whiskey which he sipped for the ten minutes that Van Deef made him wait.

If I had known your wife was deadly ill, Van Deef, I would have cured her.

Inescapable ignorance, Van Deef, on both our parts is why she is dead.

I have access to a superior science, Van Deef, to knowledge that others may not discover for hundreds, even thousands of years.

Van Deef sat back down, propped his chin in his hand and when the waiter appeared, ordered another whiskey.

Selby Thomm, Headmistress of Chatterford, this is Handsel Van Deef, our Captain of Guards.

Van Deef will be responsible for order during the parties to be held at New Chatterford.

She made notes on the edge of the calendar whilst Van Deef laid the note back upon the desk.

Van Deef walked to the door, hesitated only briefly, stepped forward and vanished.

Ask for Captain Van Deef at 2204 Second Wharf Road, London, after 9:00 a.

He put his head out the door, saw rain puddles in the street beyond the open main doors and the silhouettes of Van Deef and Astoria engaged in conversation.

In that box, Van Deef, you will find a coiled steel measuring tape, some chalk and several blue bars.