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The Collaborative International Dictionary

deeds \deeds\ n. (Religion) performance of moral or religious acts; salvation is not by deeds, but by faith; to do good deeds.

Syn: works.


n. (plural of deed English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: deed)


n. performance of moral or religious acts; "salvation by deeds"; "the reward for good works" [syn: works]


Deeds may refer to:

  • Deed, a legal instrument used to grant a right
  • Sen. Creigh Deeds, an American politician, member of the Virginia Senate and Democratic Nominee for the 2009 Gubinatorial race of the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Development Education Society (DEEDS), an Indian non-governmental organization
  • Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, a 1936 comedy film starring Gary Cooper
  • Mr. Deeds, a 2002 remake of Mr Deeds Goes to Town starring Adam Sandler

Usage examples of "deeds".

I am called Don Quixote of La Mancha, knight errant in search of adventures, and captive of the beauteous and peerless Dona Dulcinea of Toboso, and as recompense for the boon thou hast received from me, I desire only that thou turnest toward Toboso, and on my behalf appearest before this lady and sayest unto her what deeds I have done to gain thy liberty.

I was baffled, with the paper in front of me, my pen behind my ear, my elbow propped on the writing table, and my cheek resting in my hand, pondering what I would say, a friend of mine, a man who is witty and wise, unexpectedly came in and seeing me so perplexed asked the reason, and I hid nothing from him and said I was thinking about the prologue I had to write for the history of Don Quixote, and the problem was that I did not want to write it yet did not want to bring to light the deeds of so noble a knight without one.

I am humbled by your prowess, your noble deeds, your fame, for you, like me, have gone and lost your mind.

I profess does not countenance or permit such deeds to be committed against any person, least of all highborn maidens such as yourselves.

I have told you this because from the first oak that presents itself to me I intend to tear off another branch as good as the one I have in mind, and with it I shall do such great deeds that you will consider yourself fortunate for deserving to see them and for being a witness to things that can hardly be believed.

England, in which are recounted the famous deeds of King Arthur, whom, in our Castilian ballads, we continuously call King Artus?

Since that time, from one generation to the next, the order of chivalry has extended and spread through many different parts of the world, and among its members, famous and known for their great deeds, were the valiant Amadis of Gaul and all his sons and grandsons unto the fifth generation, and the valorous Felixmarte of Hyrcania, and the never-sufficiently-praised Tirant lo Blanc, and in our own time we have almost seen and communicated with and heard the invincible and valiant knight Don Belianis of Greece.

And since the deeds of war and all things concerned with and related to war cannot be effected except with toil, perspiration, and travail, it follows that those whose profession it is undoubtedly face greater difficulties than those who in tranquil peace and repose pray to God to favor those who cannot help themselves.

This is the day, I say, when, as much as on any other, the valor of this my arm will be proved, and I shall perform deeds that will be inscribed in the book of Fame for all time to come.

I know of it, either to punish you for your evil deeds or to avenge the wrong that has been done to you.

I am, I repeat, he who is to revive the Knights of the Round Table, the Twelve Peers of France, the Nine Worthies, he who is to make the world forget the Platirs, Tablants, Olivants, and Tirants, the Phoebuses and Be-lianises, and the entire horde of famous knights errant of a bygone age, by performing in this time in which I find myself such great and extraordinary deeds and feats of arms that they will overshadow the brightest they ever achieved.

And so, tighten the cinches on Rocinante, and God be with you, and wait for me here no more than three days, and if I have not come back by then, you may return to our village, and from there, as a boon and good deed for my sake, you will go to Toboso and tell my peerless lady Dulcinea that her captive knight died performing deeds that would make him worthy of being called her own.

Really, I swear to you, there never were knights like these in the world, and their great deeds, and all that other nonsense, never happened.

Senor Don Quixote, because we want to witness the valiant and extraordinary deeds he will perform in the course of this great enterprise that he has undertaken.

And if, following your natural inclination, you still wish to read books about great chivalric deeds, read Judges in Holy Scripture, and there you will find magnificent truths and deeds both remarkable and real.